Strategic Issues

These Maps engage employees around large issues they don’t see day-to-day. Compelling visuals, market-driven data, and guided discussions result in action plans that drive strategic alignment throughout your organization. Learn more >

Operational Initiatives

These maps help companies execute operational initiatives that drive performance metrics. They are used for targeted issues, usually limited to a business unit or functional area, rather than company-wide efforts. Learn more >

Employee Development

These Maps help companies develop leadership, manage talent and introduce new employees to their organizations. Learn more >

The Benefits of Knowledge MapsTM


Rather than ‘talk at’ employees about what they need to know about the business, Knowledge Maps allow employees to explore marketplace information in a way that can be easily ‘consumed’ and internalized. Learn more

Benefits of Knowledge Maps:

  • Employees understand how to align their work in support of the strategy and goals
  • Small group collaborative learning experience with people from across the business 
  • Common mental model on which to consider the business
  • Engaging conversation-based training tool

The Knowledge MapTM Experience

large_visualLarge Visual



conversationSmall Group Conversation

facilitatorNon-SME Facilitator

action_planPersonal Action Plans

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