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Equip Managers to Turn Strategy Into Action

Do your managers know how to turn strategy into action? Are they equipped to engage employees with strategy-driven changes?


We are here to guide and equip your managers so they can put your strategy to practice.


Managers Turn Strategy Into Action

Middle managers only constitute 8% of the workforce, but are pivotal to the successful launch and implementation of any strategy. Managers shape the organizational environment and influence whether the workforce will embrace your strategy or view the strategy as just another ‘flavor of the month.’


Gone are the days when managers are willing to accept ‘marching orders.’ Today’s managers want to understand and agree with the strategy before they fully embrace it and advocate for it. Managers want to have a sincere discussion about the strategy with leaders and peers.

8 percent of your workforce determines your strategic success.

Strategy Execution Training for Managers

At Applied Learning, we take a practical, real-life approach to training and equipping managers so that they can engage their teams to turn strategy into action. Managers appreciate our unique approach of combining authentic conversations with visual learning via an experiential process.


We will partner with you to build an understanding and acceptance of your strategy among managers. We will then equip them with the skills and tools to:

  • Think through how strategy should be operationalized
  • Identify barriers and develop plans to overcome those barriers
  • Engage front-line employees to achieve buy-in
  • Turn strategy into action among employees
  • Interact with management peers across silos to share insights and enlist inter-departmental support.

Clients that have relied on our Strategy Execution solutions:

Advise and Guide

We know strategy execution. We live it. We breathe it. We have helped clients engage tens of thousands of managers with their strategy execution. We can help you with your manager on-boarding and training effort. We will partner with your internal teams to guide, engage, and equip managers according to a timetable that suits your needs.

“You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction.”


Alvin Toffler, Futurist

Onboard and Align

We will design a powerful and effective solution to onboard and align your managers. We will help your managers understand your company’s strategy and translate it into practical terms. We will use our tools and techniques to generate authentic conversations about the implications of the strategy, both for the processes and the people doing the work. Alignment isn’t a one-time event, so we have the tools to drive further alignment and cross-silo coordination.

Our Approach

  • Strategy Maps™
  • Strategy narratives
  • Experiential workshops for managers
  • Online process alignment

Train and Equip

Not all managers are well-versed in all things strategic, so we provide the training and communication vehicles that they can use to engage their teams. We offer a modular approach to our solution design so you have the flexibility you need. You can modify the solution based on the different manager populations you want to train and equip.

  • Strategy Map™ Facilitation Training
  • Online strategy community
  • Spark! Discussion Starters™
  • Turning strategy into action narratives
  • Strategy alignment meeting in-a-box

Strengthen and Support

To ensure that your managers think strategically and align their decisions and teams with the company’s strategy in a consistent and continuous way, we offer ongoing support. We will work with you to design the right level of support based on your business needs.  Managers will naturally turn strategy into action.

  • Tough Choices™ workshops
  • Online strategy community
  • Monthly team meeting modules
  • Visual alignment templates
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Equip your managers to be strategy implementers!