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Tell Your Story, Visually!

Do you want to convey a lot of information quickly? Does your audience hold different perspectives?

Visual Narratives are custom designed to tell your story in a way that resonates with all of your people.

You Know What

You know what you want your people to learn. If PowerPoint presentations aren’t effective or the complexity of the topic is too much to be conveyed by written word, let us help you.

We Know How

We design custom visual narratives that tell your story in a way that makes it accessible, fun, and meaningful.

Visual Narratives Explained

There are several types of visual narratives for you to choose from.

As we learn and understand your business needs and organizational culture, we will make recommendations about the best types of visual narratives to use. Visual narratives can be digitally distributed, printed for physical distribution, plotted large for use on a wall, or placed into a PowerPoint presentation for projection. The types of visual narratives are:


A story that is translated literally, visually, is often the best option when trying to convey something that exists in the real world. The most common literal visual we develop is when a client wants to convey the company’s value chain; people can see all of the different parts and pieces of a business and understand where everyone fits into the picture.


An integrated scene that translates the complexity of the information you want to convey into a visual format that leverages an existing mental model your audience relates to. Sometimes when you first look at a metaphor, it may look a little complex, but after a couple minutes of examination, the complexity becomes understandable. The visual metaphor is a powerful and memorable way to tell a story.


The narrative you want to communicate is sometimes best delivered via sequential panels that visually depict a key point within each panel. With a learner-centric mindset, we first determine a ‘learning pathway’ that provides the underlying structure. We then design the visual panels and accompanying text. You will determine the look and tone, and we can make storyboards as playful or as professional as you prefer.

Clients that have relied on our Visual Narrative™ solutions:

Your Challenge

Bring us your challenge and let’s talk about the story that you want told.

We’ve designed hundreds of visuals for use with leaders, front-line employees, customers and other stakeholder groups.  We can help you develop your narrative and create a visual that is both meaningful and memorable.

StrategyExecutionSmBorderVisual Narratives: Strategy Execution


We believe that strategy execution requires leadership alignment as well as emotional buy-in at the employee level. We help align leadership teams and equip them to address the people aspect of strategy across your organization.


Visual Narratives are often integrated into a comprehensive solution to meet the needs arising from the four phases of strategy execution.


Sample client outcomes and benefits:

  • The collaboration among executives to create a Visual Narrative has shown to be an effective alignment exercise.


  • Managers value a Visual Narrative because it translates the strategy into a visual story that’s easy for managers to use.


  • Visual Narratives make a company’s strategy memorable and accessible to front-line employees.


  • A Visual Narrative provides the big picture of why process change is needed.

StrategyExecutionSmBorderVisual Narratives: Strategy Execution

Spark! Discussion Starters can deliver strong results as a stand-alone solution or they can be integrated into a comprehensive solution to address the needs arising from the four phases of strategy execution.


Sample client outcomes and benefits:

  • Discussion Starters provided the structured process for getting executives to talk openly and candidly about the strategy.

  • Managers valued the ‘plug and play’ nature of Discussion Starters to initiate a strategy conversation with teams and keep the strategy alive over time.

  • Conversations are the invisible driver of strategy execution and customized Discussion Starters have ensured employee conversations about strategy stay focused and execution-oriented.

  • Changing processes to reflect strategy is more about changing behavior than updating process graphs. Discussion Starters facilitated a smooth transition by individuals and teams through the change effort.


Visual Narratives: Leadership Development

Our guided process of creating a tailored, experiential leadership development program includes proven frameworks and authentic conversations; all set within the business context that will achieve desired program goals. Learn more


Visual Narratives: Business Acumen

We provide expertise in knowing how to create authentic and engaging learning experiences that instill sound judgment at all levels of your organization. You can specify the program details or choose from proven business acumen frameworks that we offer. Learn more


Visual Narratives: Culture and Performance

We partner with leaders to grow and reinforce a healthy culture that is aligned with company goals. Our guidance and custom-designed tools will ensure that your desired culture is vibrant across your organization. Learn more


Visual Narratives: Operational Excellence

We have supported operational initiatives with hundreds of clients. We offer expertise in creating tailored, experiential programs that align and engage employees so you can achieve world-class quality, service and delivery. Learn more

Client Success with Visual Narratives

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Client Story: Aircraft Engine Manufacturer

Making the Complex Simple

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Our goal is to partner with you so that you can be successful. We offer world-class creative talent and adult learning expertise to ensure that our partnership is exceptionally productive.

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