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Gain Buy-in and Emotional Connection From Employees

Is your strategy accessible or is it shrouded in mystery? Are your employees personally committed to your strategy?


We are here to help you build emotional connections.


Putting Strategy into Action


For your strategy to be successfully executed, it must be the focus of every person in your company. Unfortunately, most strategies are expressed as high-level statements that resonate at the leadership level but only make partial sense to the rest of the organization.


To achieve your goals, you’ll need to invest time and money into achieving employee acceptance and understanding of your strategy. In order to achieve a competitive difference, you’ll want to go a step further and emotionally engage employees with your strategy. We are here to help you be successful.

“Only 14% of employees understand their company’s strategy.”

William Schiemann
Performance Management: Putting Research into Action

Hearts and Minds

We will partner with you to build an understanding and emotional commitment to your strategy among front-line employees.

  • Share the big picture with employees
  • Reveal the link between strategy and the work they do
  • Enable authentic discussions about the implications of the strategy
  • Empower employees to implement your strategy
  • Embed the metrics that employees will use to make course corrections

Authentic engagement has a multiplier effect with front-line employees. We achieve this multiplier effect via our four phases of employee engagement, as described in more detail below.

Clients that have relied on our Strategy Execution solutions:

Advise and Guide

We are experts at achieving strategy execution among front-line employees. Our authentic engagement approach has been used to meaningfully engage millions of client employees.


We will guide you and your teams through our process of organizational analysis and solution design. We will advise you on the different solution options available and share insights that we gathered. Our team will then develop and focus group test the solution, advise you with implementation, and provide ongoing support as desired.

Emotional Engagement Leads to Better Performance

Onboard and Connect

Getting employees to understand and accept your company’s strategy is a goal we will achieve. Our solutions engage employees in a way that will help them emotionally connect with your strategy at a personal level and begin the process of being personally accountable for implementing the strategy.

Our Approach

  • Strategy Maps™
  • Strategy narratives
  • Digital communications and eLearning modules

Turn Strategy into Action

As employees commit themselves to the company’s strategy, they need guidance and training in order to translate the strategy into practical changes at an operational level. Employees can rely on managers to help with this, but they will also need to build up the competency of turning strategy into action. Our solutions will help employees grow in the areas of strategy translation, cooperation and communication across silos, analytic thinking, and data/metric interpretation.


We provide a range of custom-designed solutions to effectively enable your employees to implement your strategy using a plan that you pre-approve.

  • Strategy Map™ Facilitation Training
  • Online strategy community
  • Spark! Discussion Starters™
  • Turning strategy into action narratives
  • Strategy alignment meeting in-a-box

Reinforce and Reinform

To ensure that your employees continue to think strategically and continuously align their decisions with the company’s strategy, we offer ongoing support. We will work with you to design the right level of support, based on your business needs. For some clients, they appreciate our options for implementing or improving the feedback loops – from what’s learned at the operational level to those making adjustments to the strategy.

  • Strategy feedback workshops
  • Strategy feedback community
  • Monthly team meeting modules
  • Across-silo alignment templates
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