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Authentic employee engagement is our people-centered approach to training and communication that integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of learning methodologies, and the business needs of our clients.

Authentic employee engagement is a deeply human pursuit that addresses the unique needs that we all have, but which are overlooked by more conventional training and communication practices.

It relies on employees to be aware of their own biases, understanding of the contextual big picture, and meaningfully connected to the needs of the business.

This approach, which Applied Learning calls authentic employee engagement, is what makes Applied Learning solutions powerfully differentiated.

Applied Learning’s pursuit of authentic employee engagement has evolved during our 17 years of working with hundreds of leading companies and seeing results with millions of client employees.

We create authentic employee engagement by expertly integrating

visual thinking, meaningful conversations, and experiential process.

Applied Learning’s authentic employee engagement depicted as a Venn diagram with three components involving: visual learning, meaningful conversations, and experiential process.

Visual thinking is the way people see and personalize information.


Meaningful conversation is how individuals connect with one another at a deep level, and create a shared willingness to adopt change.


Experiential process is a guided path to ensuring that desired outcomes are achieved on a consistent basis with every group of people.

We Believe People Are Visual Learners. We Create Powerful Visuals to Make Complex Ideas Simple.

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Visuals help us retrieve and remember information. Much of our sensory cortex is devoted to vision and studies have shown that the use of visuals can increase comprehension, decrease learning time, and significantly improve retention.

"A visual makes sense to everybody despite ethnic, cultural, and geographic differences."

We Believe Authentic Conversations Produce Employee Openness and Emotional Connections.

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There is power in conversations. It can reveal common ground and open hearts and minds. We believe conversations are the invisible driver of workplace culture. Conversations build relationships, stimulate behavior change and improve productivity.

"Conversations that are authentic and meaningful define the quality of relationships you have with employees."

We Believe Experiential Process Achieves Higher Levels of Engagement and a Willingness to Change.

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We define experiential learning as the use of multiple senses to contrast personal beliefs and assumptions with external realities. We believe active involvement by learners is key to critical thinking, problem solving and personal reflection.

"Individuals involved in a 'hands-on' learning process generate better insights and feel more connected to your business."

Starting With Your Business Needs, We Develop Solutions That Are Visual, Conversational, and Experiential.

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Once we understand your business needs and goals, we will craft a proposal for your consideration that includes one or more of the following products:

To achieve a higher level of authentic engagement and commitment from leaders and employees, consider Knowledge Maps. They provide transformative experiences and deliver powerful aha! moments.
If powerpoint presentations aren’t effective or the complexity of your topic is too much to be conveyed by written word, consider using a visual narrative to engage your audience. It will tell your story even when you’re not there.
We offer four styles of eLearning solutions, featuring interactive elements, custom animations, music and videos. It’s all designed to keep your learners engaged!
Challenging situations can be met with well-designed workshops. Our team of experts will design and deliver carefully crafted workshops to produce constructive results that you and the participants will be happy with.
Your business success relies on the interactions of people at all levels of your organization, one conversation at a time. Our discussion starters facilitate virtual and in-person conversations, promoting an inclusive & high-performance culture.
Let’s Talk.

We can discuss your business needs and guide you to a solution that is best for your situation.