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Authentic Engagement, Better Results

Applied Learning creates powerful learning experiences to help you drive business performance.

Applied Learning partners with clients to generate enduring results by enabling authentic employee engagement and better strategy execution. We achieve authentic engagement by expertly integrating visual thinking, meaningful conversations, and experiential process into the custom learning solutions we design.
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Leadership Development White Paper

Authentic Conversations and Aha! moments

Strategy Execution Research

Achieving an emotional connection to your Strategy

Applied Learning has extensive experience addressing key business challenges. Our authentic employee engagement approach produces fresh solutions tailored to each client’s goals.

Strategy Execution

We believe that strategy execution requires leadership alignment as well as emotional buy-in at the employee level. We help align leadership teams and equip them to address the social side of strategy across your organization.

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Leadership Development

Our guided process of creating a tailored, experiential leadership program includes proven frameworks and authentic conversations; all set within the business context that will achieve desired program goals.
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Business Acumen

We provide expertise in knowing how to create authentic and engaging learning experiences that instill sound judgment at all levels of your organization. You can specify the program details or choose from proven business acumen frameworks that we offer.
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Culture &


We partner with leaders to grow and reinforce a healthy culture that is aligned with company goals. Our guidance and custom-designed tools will ensure that your desired culture takes root in all aspects of your organization.
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Operational Excellence

We have supported operational initiatives with hundreds of clients over the last 17 years. We offer expertise in creating tailored, experiential tools and programs that guide employees to personalize and act on operational initiatives.
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Authentic employee engagement is our people-centered approach to training and communication that integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of learning methodologies, and the business needs of our clients.

Applied Learning delivers authentic employee engagement by expertly integrating these three areas:

Visual thinking is the way people see and personalize information.


Meaningful conversation is how individuals connect with one another at a deep level, and create a shared willingness to adopt change.


Experiential process is a guided path to ensuring that desired outcomes are achieved on a consistent basis with every group of people.

We partner with you to develop custom solutions that deliver authentic employee engagement. Each expert-designed product described below is an effective stand-alone solution; when integrated together this blended solution will multiply and magnify results.

To achieve a higher level of authentic engagement and commitment from leaders and employees, consider Knowledge Maps. They provide transformative experiences and deliver powerful aha! moments.
If powerpoint presentations aren’t effective or the complexity of your topic is too much to be conveyed by written word, consider using a visual narrative to engage your audience. It will tell your story even when you’re not there.
We offer four styles of eLearning solutions, featuring interactive elements, custom animations, music and videos. It’s all designed to keep your learners engaged!
Challenging situations can be met with well-designed workshops. Our team of experts will design and deliver carefully crafted workshops to produce constructive results that you and the participants will be happy with.
Your business success relies on the interactions of people at all levels of your organization, one conversation at a time. Our discussion starters facilitate virtual and in-person conversations, promoting an inclusive & high-performance culture.
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We can discuss your business needs and guide you to a solution that is best for your situation.