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Accelerate Strategy Execution Through Process Alignment

Are you ready to adjust your key workflows so that they are aligned with your strategy?


We are here to guide your teams and equip them with the tools they need to successfully align their processes with your strategy.


Alignment Across Silos

If your organization has changed its strategy, it likely needs to adjust its key processes to ensure teams from across silos work towards the same goals. Whether your strategy is about providing the best customer experience or offering the lowest-costing products, your daily activities need to deliver on the promises you’re making in the marketplace.


Your managers and front-line associates want to support your strategy, so there needs to be a mechanism in place that enables teams from across silos to make recommendations about what changes should be made to the workflow. They have to make decisions about what must change and what can’t change due to constraints faced by the colleagues in other parts of the business.

“61% of Senior Executives admit their firms struggle to bridge the gap between strategy creation and day-to-day implementation.”


The Economist Intelligence Unit
Why good strategies fail: Lessons for the C-suite

Enable Change to Happen Transparently

When managers don’t have the know-how to redesign processes spanning multiple departments, or when they would benefit from expert guidance, we’re here to show the way. We will partner with you to align your key processes with your strategy by implementing a proven set of tools and techniques. These tools will provide transparency and visibility across your organization.


Described below are the four phases of process re-design that we will use with your teams.

Clients that have relied on our Strategy Execution solutions:

Assess and Advise

We will partner with your teams to conduct a quick assessment of how well your key processes are aligned with your company’s strategy and how they drive your company’s strategy. Key processes include things like: the sales process, innovation process, and the customer experience.


We will advise you regarding the necessary steps you should take to adjust your processes, starting with building consensus, then process redesign, and finally implementation. We will tailor the solution design based on your business requirements and organizational intent.

Intent has to be reflected in process

Train and Equip

Your people know your business best. We will train and equip your leaders, managers and select front-line employees to make process change quickly and across silos. We will improve your employees’ abilities in the area of process alignment and redesign. You determine the extent to which each group receives training and has access to the tools.

Our Approach

  • Process Alignment Workshops
  • Process Maps
  • Metaphor Digital Platform
  • Process Visual Narratives

Collaborate & Redesign

Your teams will use the tools and techniques we equip them with to visually document the existing process, analyze relevant data, and visually draft the changes necessary to better align the process to support company strategy. The process redesign tools exist in the cloud, so teams from across the various silos can share visibility of the existing process and efficiently contribute their thoughts about what the redesigned process should be. The collaboration process will secure commitment and accountability for the newly redesigned process from across your organization.

  • Metaphor Digital Platform
  • Process Redesign Meeting in-a-box
  • Metric  Workshops
  • Strategy Review Workshops

Implement and Support

We will partner with your internal communication, project management, and training teams to ensure a smooth and effective transition to the newly redesigned process. For some client situations and processes, implementation is simple and straightforward. For other processes, it can involve thousands of employees. Either way, we have the expertise and range of tools to help your teams be successful.

  • Spark! Discussion Starters™
  • Process Visual Narratives
  • Metaphor Digital Platform
  • Process Implementation Meeting in-a-box
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Implement Strategy by Changing Key Processes.