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Achieve Strategy Alignment Within Executive Teams

Does your leadership team need help getting aligned? Will strategy alignment differences reverberate through your organization?

We will partner with your executive team to achieve strategic alignment.


The Strategy Alignment Gap

The successful implementation of any strategy starts with a strategy that the leadership team has sincerely agreed upon. Unfortunately, strategy alignment can be elusive and misalignment is sometimes hidden or not discovered in time.


Mid-level managers and front-line employees can easily spot conflict areas that leaders have failed to address. Companies that recognize the need to ensure alignment across functional and business unit leadership teams will outperform competitors, especially in their strategy execution.

Our Strategy Alignment Process

At Applied Learning, we use an integrated process to align executive teams.


First, we receive the perspectives of each of your executives and we seek to understand your company culture, history, and strategic plans. We use this information as we guide the executive team through our alignment process.


Second, we facilitate 1:1 interviews and executive team alignment sessions.


Third, we train and equip the executive team with the right language and tools to conduct authentic conversations with one another and direct reports.

Clients that have relied on our Strategy Execution solutions:

Advise and Guide

We have worked with the largest, industry-leading corporations of the world as well as smaller, notably innovative firms, and no matter the size or scope of the company, we always ensure its executive team is truly working toward the same goals.


We provide advice and guidance across the wide range of needs. Some clients only need us to confirm that executives are aligned before working on strategy execution programs for managers and front-line employees. For other clients, the need is greater. This is especially true when there have been leadership changes or business transformation is an important part of the strategy.

“Building a visionary company requires one percent vision and ninety-nine percent alignment.”


Built to Last,
Jim Collins and Jerry Porras

Drive Leadership Alignment

Using our proven methods to enable authentic conversations among executives, we uncover areas of mis-alignment and work to reinforce the fabric of executive commitment to the company’s overall strategy. We help executive teams work through situations where company strategy creates conflict at the functional and business unit level.

Our Approach

  • Experiential workshops for executives
  • Authentic conversation facilitation
  • Custom visual narratives and Strategy Maps

Train and Equip

Once the executive teams are well aligned, we offer ongoing alignment exercises and templates that can be used to reinforce how executives should talk about strategy. These exercises and templates can also be used by executives and their direct reports to ensure expanded levels of strategy alignment.

  • Team alignment exercises
  • Visual alignment templates
  • Strategy Alignment Workshops

  • Strategy community online
  • Regular strategy newsletters

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Achieve strategy alignment within executive teams!