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Creative, Memorable Learning

Which style of eLearning will best achieve your goals?

We offer the full range of eLearning solutions. Let’s collaborate to find which one best fits your content, and creates the business results you want to see.

Tired of Pushing?

There are times when the best or only way to reach some employees is via eLearning. But how do you capture the attention of employees when they’ve already been through hours of traditional elearning?

Give Employees Variety

We match the content with an engaging elearning style to captivate employees. Gone are the days when every employee’s interest can be piqued by a single, traditional style of elearning. We partner with you to first understand your content and technical preferences.  Then we match your requirements with one of our proven elearning styles to produce the results you want.

Multiple Needs? A Customized Solution.

We use several eLearning styles to improve employee engagement and maximize results:

As we learn and understand your business needs and technical requirements, we’ll recommend the best eLearning styles for your customized solution. Some styles address a very mobile workforce; others offer more interaction, to drive learners to engage more deeply with complex content. We’re expert at multiple styles of eLearning, including…

Bite-size Insights

Bite-size insights provide quick, easy-to-digest bursts of learning, using visual storytelling to impart knowledge in 60-second chunks. Perfect for both mobile and desktop usage, Bite-size insights can be sent to learners by email or text message, or posted on intranet pages and embedded in other communication vehicles.


Animation gets the message across in a way that’s fun for learners and leaves a lasting impression. We offer full color animation for a memorable, immersive experience, or narrated whiteboard animations that tell clear, compelling stories at a more economical price point.

Interactive Scrollers

Interactive Scrollers are flexible, interactive learning modules that utilize video, images, quizzes, and more. They’re fully responsive, allowing employees to learn whatever way is most convenient for them—at their computer, or on their phone if they’re on-the-go. You control the rate at which your learners advance—let them absorb the knowledge at their own pace, or include quizzes and knowledge check activities to aid in retention.

Interactive Storylines

Interactive Storylines offer a versatile, interactive multimedia experience. Learners proceed through these immersive narratives at their own pace, with immediate feedback, sound, music, and a sense of exploration all working in tandem to elevate the learning experience. Embedded links allow the user to branch out to other modules to flesh out the details of the learning, transforming the Storyline into a hub for expanded teaching opportunities.

Animation + Video

Video can offer learners a familiar or comfortable face, while animated visual aids—including illustrations, charts, and other graphics—help make the message stick.

Clients that have relied on our eLearning solutions:

Let’s Talk.

We can discuss your business needs and guide you to a solution that is best for your situation.