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Do your leaders find development meaningful, collaborative, and above all else, actionable?

We partner with you to engage executives and managers in a range of leadership development activities expertly focused on the capabilities, business acumen and attitudes that are key to your business’ future.

Leadership Development

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Strategy Execution Framework

4 Phases of Strategy Execution

We have helped hundreds of leading companies execute and cascade strategy. The following framework reflects the key phases of a successful strategy execution plan.

What is unique about our approach to strategy execution is that we employ authentic conversations, visual narratives and reliable facts in order to effectively align, equip and enable and organization to execute the strategy.

Strategy Execution Solutions

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61% of senior executives say their companies struggle with strategy implementation.

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    We support all strategy implementation:

    • Corporate strategy
    • Mergers & acquisitions
    • Business unit strategy
    • Functional Strategy
    • Balanced scorecard

    Leadership Development Framework

    The following framework reflects the areas of leadership development that are key to growing a thriving management team.

    This leadership development framework starts with the belief that an individual must develop the ‘basics’ (e.g. business acumen, competencies, etc.) in order to be an effective leader.


    The second part of the framework addresses the issues and unspoken problems that may exist among management team members. When senior managers don’t get along, negative impacts are felt throughout the organization and can become cancerous, threatening your organization’s ability to achieve strategic goals.


    After going through a good leadership development program, managers should have a new outlook and set of skills, and they also need practical ways to implement their newfound ideas into the day-to-day activities of their organization. The third part of the framework is focused on equipping leaders and managers with custom tools that will help them successfully engage direct reports and the larger organization.

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