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Winds of Change

Are your organization’s capabilities consistent with what your business requires?

Our team of authentic employee engagement experts will partner with you to address your challenges and achieve your business goals.

Applied Learning has extensive experience empowering organizations. Our authentic employee engagement approach will produce fresh solutions tailored to address your challenges and opportunities.

Strategy Execution

We believe that strategy execution requires leadership alignment as well as emotional buy-in at the employee level. We help align leadership teams and equip them to address the social side of strategy across your organization.

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Leadership Development

Our guided process of creating a tailored, experiential leadership program includes proven frameworks and authentic conversations; all set within the business context that will achieve desired program goals.
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Business Acumen

We provide expertise in knowing how to create authentic and engaging learning experiences that instill sound judgment at all levels of your organization. You can specify the program details or choose from proven business acumen frameworks that we offer.
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Culture &


We partner with leaders to grow and reinforce a healthy culture that is aligned with company goals. Our guidance and custom-designed tools will ensure that your desired culture takes root in all aspects of your organization.
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Operational Excellence

We have supported operational initiatives with hundreds of clients over the last 17 years. We offer expertise in creating tailored, experiential tools and programs that guide employees to personalize and act on operational initiatives.
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Leadership Development White Paper

Authentic Conversations and Aha! moments

Strategy Execution Research

Achieving an emotional connection to your Strategy