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How Managers can Achieve Authentic Employee Engagement

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Achieving Authentic Employee Engagement

Managers can progress from simple employee engagement to the highest level of authentic employee engagement by pursuing 8 specific outcomes.

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Employee Engagement

The first 4 outcomes managers should pursue relate to engaging the minds of employees.

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If you want employees to say “I know what I need to do today”…

…managers need to:

  • Provide clear directions
  • Set clear, attainable goals
  • Ensure that the tools and training are available and effective

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If you want employees to say “There is good two-way communication between my manager and me”…

…managers need to:

  • Stay abreast of the tasks and projects.
  • Be accessible and keep an ‘open-door’ policy
  • Hold people accountable and provide useful feedback in real-time

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If you want employees to say “I understand my role in the organization”…

…managers need to:

  • Help employees understand where they fit within the department and the larger organization
  • Share details of activities and projects that are occurring across silos
  • Provide examples of how the employees’ work affects others and the end customer

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If you want employees to say “I understand the goals of the company”…

…managers need to:

  • Share company goals with employees, including the business context for each goal
  • Translate company goals into terms that employees can understand
  • Create a line-of-sight between departmental goals and company goals

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Authentic Employee Engagement

To achieve authentic engagement, managers need to engage the hearts of employees. Achieving these next 4 outcomes will produce the highest levels of authentic engagement.

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If you want employees to say “I feel included as a thinking member of the team”…

…managers need to:

  • Actively seek out the opinions of each employee and carefully consider why they ask the questions that they do
  • Train employees to become a team of problem-solvers, not just individual doers
  • Collaborate with your team to collect the right kind of data and analyze it

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If you want employees to say “I feel trusted and empowered”…

…managers need to:

  • Give employees the opportunity to try new things and use metrics to track improvement
  • Give employees permission to innovate within agreed upon limits
  • Give employees the ability to influence how the departmental budget is spent

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If you want employees to say “The organization’s values reflect my values”…

…managers need to:

  • Conduct an exercise with your team to help people understand their own values and those of the organization
  • Contribute to a company culture of transparency and openness
  • Link decisions and goals to the company’s values and mission, thereby making it easier for employees to see values alignment

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If you want employees to say “I am passionate about the mission of the organization”…

…managers need to:

  • Get to know your employees and what they care about
  • Intentionally use staff meetings to talk about the company’s mission and how the team helps fulfill that mission
  • Celebrate with the team the decisions and results that move the organization toward the company’s mission

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If you want employees who are authentically engaged, make sure they can say:

  • I know what I need to do today

  • There is good two-way communication between my manager and me

  • I understand my role in the organization

  • I understand the goals of the company

  • I feel included as a member of the team

  • I feel trusted and empowered

  • The organization’s values reflect my values

  • I am passionate about the mission of the organization

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